Footage caught Group of ‘Mermaids’. turns out to be swarm of Dolphins!

Do you believe that mermaids exist? For thousands of years, a lot of people believed that mermaids exist but no one has ever brought any proof that there really are mermaids in the world’s oceans – until now (or so they claim…)!

A video has gone viral on social media because it claimed to be ‘evidence’ of the existence of mermaids. With so many people wishing to see real mermaids, it was not surprising at all that this clip quickly became very popular on the web.

It is for real that the debate if mermaids are real or not have been going on online for quite some time and people are trying their best to come up with proofs that will show that mermaids are real.

In the said video, these creatures were spotted swimming through the large body of ocean.
A lot of people quickly believed that creatures are mermaids, but then, it was quickly clarified that these creatures aren’t mermaids but rather dolphins and whales.
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