Footage Caught This Guy Passing in the mirror without showing a reflection

There are many people who do not believe in the existence of ghosts because of the lack of physical evidence like pictures and videos. But with this recent viral footage, many non-believers were scared out of their wits!

But what are ghosts actually? Do they really exist? Have you seen one for yourself? This video immediately went viral not because of a ghost, but a possible ‘vampire’. Vampires are entities believed to be immortal by sucking blood out of humans. Though vampires are often seen in movies, the very first ‘vampire’ is believed to be Vlad the impaler, who impaled his enemies’ heads. In movies, vampires are specifically scared of sunlight, and apparently has no reflection in the mirror.

If you look closely at the following video, a man in black can be seen passing by a mirror—but he doesn’t have a reflection! Many netizens were quick to criticize the video, saying it was edited since the woman and man in the reflection were specifically ‘not moving’ while the man in black passed by. What do you think?

Could this be real—or another hoax to fool us all?


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