Footage Of Young Girl’s Last Moments Before A Pedophile Abducts Her!

The Florida State Attorney’s Office released the CCTV footage showing a pedophile luring away  8-year-old girl named Cherish Perrywinkle. They also revealed the 911 call records made by Rayne Perrywinkle, the victim’s mother.

It was the last time the little girl was seen alive. Her corpse was found in front of the Highlands Baptis Church in Jacksonville, Florida 12 hours later.

In the chilling video, the young girl was innocently accompanying her mom and sisters in Walmart to shop for clothes before she disappeared.

Rayne said that she was approached by a stranger by the name of Donald Smith to offer payment for her children’s clothes.

The mother noticed that her daughter already went missing so she frantically called 911.

MUST SEE: Creepy Footage Of Little Girl's Last Moments Before A Pedophile Abducts Her!

“He wanted her to buy these really tall shoes that were women’s shoes and I told him no. I said, They’re too high for her, I wouldn’t even wear shoes that high,” Rayne told the dispatcher.

“Maybe he was grooming her. I hope to God he doesn’t kill her and I hope to God he doesn’t rape her,” she added.

According to Fox News, Rayne’s attempts to call 911 failed due to skeptical police officers. Six Jackson Sheriff’s Office (JSO) officers got disciplinary consequences after a 7-week-interval investigation revealed that they initially doubted Rayne’s story because of her being involved in a custody battle.

56-year-old Smith got arrested and faced charges of abducting, raping and killing Cherish. He is already registered as a convicted sex offender since 1993 and got held in custody before for felonious cases of child abuse and unlawful impersonation of a public employee.

MUST SEE: Creepy Footage Of Little Girl's Last Moments Before A Pedophile Abducts Her!

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