Guy decided to MARRYING them both who fighting over HIM!

Marriage is a sacred matrimony for two people. It is the blessing that bonds two partners to spend their whole life together.


Razul Timbukong, 22, and Jarah Mendoza Labangin, 20, of Barangay Sampao in Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat (Philippines) have been long time lovers when they decided to finally tie the knot. But while they were making preparations for the big day, 24-year-old Thelma Guipal entered the scene.

Unexpectedly, Guipal surfaced and claimed that the groom also promised to make her his bride. Neither of the brides-to-be backed down. Troubled, Timbukong had no choice but to marry the two at the same time as Guipal threatened to make him pay a fine if he refuses to take her as his wife. Meanwhile, Labangin’s parents say they cannot do much about the fiasco as they do not want the wedding expenses go to waste as much of the funding came from groom himself. The trio were made husband and wives in a Muslim wedding. After which, they all settled under the same roof. Their not so blissful union finally came to an end when one of them flew out of the country and stayed there for good.


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