Teacher accused raped by his student. Check the true story behind!

As a teacher you should take care of your student and keep away them on harmful things but this 28 years old PE teacherwas arrested after allegedly raping his student twice. But according to him, he is in a relationship with his student.

Police nabbed the rape suspect inside while he is in convenience store in an entrapment operation together with the student’s mother.

According to reports, the teacher molested the 15-year-old student not just once but twice in his apartment. When interviewed, the suspect denies the allegation saying that he is in a relationship with the alleged victim.

Watch the report from ABS CBN

But some of netizens back the suspect believing that they are in a relationship with the victim. Some commented that the student was just compelled to speak against him as forced by her mother.


What exactly is their relationship?

Judge it by your self. Comment below 🙂

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