He tattooing little kids but before judging him read this first. The Truth Is Amazing.

Tattoos can be absolutely beautiful and meaningful, but their permanent nature means that that getting one is a big decision that should be made by adults.

So when visual artist Benjamin Lloyd started posting photos of himself giving tattoos to children, people were understandably outraged. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye…

His name is Benjamin Lloyd a visual artist in New Zealand. 


He works primarily with an airbrush, creating amazingly detailed visual landscapes on all sorts of canvases.



Lloyd want to use his skills to use for amazing cause : giving custom tattoos to sick children


Lloyd started out by tattooing his stepson, Lincoln, who couldn’t get enough of the custom ink. When Lincoln sadly passed away, Lloyd realized there might be more children he could help through his artistic talent. 


So he posted this photo, offering his tattooing services to a local hospital if he got 50 likes on his Facebook page. The post went viral, and Lloyd promised to visit Auckland’s Starship Children’s Health and give a free custom tattoo to every sick child who wants one.



Since they’re created by airbrush, the tattoos are all non-toxic and wash right off afterwards without a trace, so the kids and their parents can enjoy the experience without worrying about anything permanent.


Lloyd doesn’t show any sign of slowing down his newfound initiative, saying: “Nothing brings me more joy than boosting a kid’s confidence with a custom tattoo.”

Even though they’re temporary, the joy these gorgeous tattoos bring these kids will last a lifetime!

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