He threatens his OFW wife to kill their daughter if she won’t send him money asap

As an ofw the we love to see our love wants happy and comfortable when we send money to them but in this news a man threatens his wife to kill their daughter if she will not send money.
Facebook user and concerned citizen Dina Padohinog posted on her Facebook account the story

with  series of screenshots showing the threat of father identified as Padua Louie.

Padohinog describe Louie “shameless” for using their daughter to threat OFW wife Jocelyn Asor based in Qatar just to get what he wanted.

One of the threatening messages sent to his wife reads. “Tignan mo Jocelyn kung paano mamatay isang anak mo. Pagmasdan mo mabuti.” (look Jocelyn, how one of your kids will die, see this carefully).

On the separate report, Padua posted a very shocking news reporting that Asor’s two daughters were killed in an alleged hit-and-run but later found untrue.

Through Facebook posts, Padohinog and the other concerned citizens hope that the authorities will lay their hands to do a thorough investigation of the death of the Asor’s two daughters.





Source : facebook


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