He Uses Girlfriend’s Ex To See If She Will Cheat to Him. What Happen Next Will Really Hurt You!

It’s a question I’m sure we’ve all considered once in our lifetime: can you stay friends with your ex? Some people are able to move on and be mature after a break up, and can hang out with a former lover as easily as any other friend, or at least treat them with a bit of politeness. On the other hand there are plenty people who would amputate a limb with a blunt penknife, 127 Days-style, just to escape being in the same room with them.

And of course, there are plenty of folk who would trample over their own dear sweet grandmother just to hook up with an ex they have feelings for one more time. No matter what way you feel, it’s always complicated. Every interaction becomes a complex game of nuance, subterfuge and one-upmanship

The channel’s homepage asks:”Have a Spouse you’d like to put to the test? Contact us now! And We’ll set them to see if they will cheat or stay faithful! We setup spouses to see if they will cheat or be faithful! If you would like to setup your spouse, hit us up! We put them to the Ultimate Test!”

With that in mind they decided to run a little experiment. A guy called Andrew wanted to test the fidelity his new girlfriend of six months. The twist was that he wanted to test her loyalty by convincing her ex to try flirting with her. A bold man; but I don’t think he liked what happened next.


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