Heartless Daughter Lets Her Disabled Mother Kneel Because She Couldn’t Buy Her A phone!

We all knew for a fact that our mothers is the reason why we are existing in this world. Without their proper guidance and love, life would be a lot harder.
It is their never ending duty to love and care for us until they can. They are willing to this without asking for anything in return. They just wanted to be appreciated, gratified and be loved as well.
As much as they wanted to give everything to us, sometimes they can’t.
Photo Credit: SocialTrendsPH
This disabled mother was spotted kneeling in front of her daughter asking for forgiveness because she claims that she could not give the Phone that her daughter wanted to have.
Photo Credit: socialtrendsph
The 15-year-old daughter was just standing there not doing anything but scold her mother because she could not buy her an Expensive kind of Phone. Instead of helping her mother to stand up, the child constantlyscolded her mother.
It is sad to see how narrow-minded this teenager could be. She could not even think of her mother’s condition.
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