“HELL” is Real and is Located In Our Galaxy: NASA

More people believe in heaven than believe in hell, but according to the bible, hell is a literal place.
Jesus actually spoke more about hell than He did heaven and He described it as a real place. He said hat hell was never intended for humans but was a place of eternal punishment prepared for the Devil and his followers, the demons.
The Bible describes hell with words that simply cannot be imagined like:

– Fire and brimstone

– Furnace of fire– Fiery oven– Lake of fire

– Eternal burning punishment

– Pits of darkness
However, NASA had discovered a planet which they said, can be compared to hell.
The “diamond planet” 55 Cancri e is believed to be the first known planet to consist largely of diamond, due in part to the high carbon-to-oxygen ratio of its host star.
A so-called super-Earth boasting about twice Earth’s diameter and eight times our world’s mass, the “diamond planet” is the smallest member of a five-planet system located in the constellation Cancer.



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