Her Brother Surprised Her After Doing This!

Most of the time, people believe that sisters and brothers are one of the most special gifts God can give to anyone. Aside from being roommates, siblings are the best company and best buddies to keep. There is just no greater love than what these precious real-life friends can express.

These thoughts are applicable to these precious siblings featured in an article published by the inspirational site, Little Things. This story can really be considered as #SiblingGoals.

A teenage girl from Gilbert, Arizona found herself in shock when her two brothers threw a surprise for her. She did not expect what was waiting for her that day.

John and Elizabeth have another brother named Shane. Shane is a soldier who was assigned in Italy for three years. Due to the nature of his job, he was kept from seeing Elizabeth for a long time. It had been a hard time for both of them as they were reported to be really close to each other. 

When it was the time for Shane to return home, he asked for John’s help to pull off a surprise for Elizabeth. Yes! Shane’s homecoming was kept as a secret from Elizabeth with John’s help. That is why when Shane returned at their home, it seemed like Elizabeth got the surprise of her life.

John decided to record the moment Elizabeth will meet her older brother again. The video below showed how Elizabeth reacted when Shane approached her. 

Just as when she thought it was John who entered their house, she did not expect that she was about to see someone she missed terribly.

Source: LittleThings, VK


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