HOKAGE MOVES By James Reid Used to Nadine Lustre

We can say the one who took this video is certainly is a JaDine fanatic because with the hundreds of people around the Kapamilya couple only this person notice that James Reid was up with a plan – to simply hold Nadine’s hand.

james reid hokage moves

As Nadine’s boyfriend, James can held Nadine’s hand anytime he wishes but this video proved the nature of men in doing some pasimple moves to score to their girlfriends. In the video, James took multiple attempts particularly, four times just to catch the best timing on grabbing the hand of his girlfriend and on screen partner Nadine Lustre.

At first, James observed Nadine’s hand and thinking when will be the right time to grab it. He glanced at it for three times and thankfully on the fourth time, he was able to reach her hand. Nadine rewarded the gesture by tapping and warming James’ hand around her hand. Unfortunately, the moment didn’t last longer because someone handed a bouquet of flowers to Nadine.  But at least, James was successful in demonstrating a perfectly timed ‘ninja move’.


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