How Important is Virginity for Teenagers Nowadays?

Our national hero once said that the youth is the hope of our tomorrow, but is it still the same case today?

Attitudes and values now are deteriorating.  Gone are the values of chastity, simplicity, humility, spirituality and integrity. Many of the teenagers now are into pre-marital s*x. 

How Important is Virginity for Teenagers Nowadays? You Have To Read This!

Because we are now in the modern age in which most parents are both working and have less time to guide their children, a lot of women are impregnated at a young age due to lack of guidance. Most of these young pregnancies leads to broken families. 

How important is virginity for these teenagers nowadays when many scandals involving the youth are being posted online? There are also instances where these youths no longer choose the place where they will sexually interact with each other. There are clips and photos where there were caught doing it on public places such as churches, schools, public vehicles, parks. Etc.

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