How to install Pokemon Go in the Philippines. MUST READ!

Finally Pokemon Go has been released on the Philippines. This game is virtual reality gameplay with real-time mapping game.

The release only sees limited official availability and support with the Philippines not included in the official support. Fortunately, the global APK installer of the Pokemon Go is already available for download for free (in-app purchases).

How to: Install the APK of Pokemon Go Philippine global installer


We tried installing the APK successfully while getting and downloading the game data from remote server takes several tries until it loaded in our Sony Xperia X Performance.

  1. Download Pokemon Go game APK here (58.1MB size, version 0.29-7)
  2. Install Pokemon APK for Android with open permissions
  3. Try to download the game data if it fails in first attempts
  4. Make sure you have a decent mobile internet speed or you’re connected to metro’s WiFi

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