Indian Man Died After Kissing Cobra

How far would you go for the coolest selfie?

People all over the world have gone to great lengths just to capture the most “unique” selfie. For some, getting the highest possible number of likes on Instagram or Facebook is the top priority. Unfortunately, some people tend to go too far when it comes to this.

Over the past few years, countless cases of people putting themselves in danger due to recklessness over selfies have been reported all over the world. Some don’t seem to realize that a number of people have actually put themselves at risk or have even died because of this insane obsession with taking selfies.

Selfie Gone Wrong: Indian Man Dead After Kissing Cobra

Despite the many horror stories of selfies gone wrong that have been popping up all over the internet, some people still choose to be reckless just for the fleeting promise of online fame.

In India, it appears that selfies with dangerous animals have started to become popular. The dangerous trend started about a decade ago. Followers of the trend seem to consider selfies taken with snakes as the best kind.

Selfie Gone Wrong: Indian Man Dead After Kissing Cobra

Source:Facebook, VK


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