Interviewer Shocked after This Woman Suddenly Starts Breastfeeding A Pig On Live TV!

There are always unexpected events that happen during live news reportings. Because there is no script to follow and you cannot predict what other people will do, live reportings can become hilarious or bizarre situations caught on camera. In addition, there is no editing these unexpected events as it is put directly on-air.

One perfect example of this would be the incident between a reporter and an interviewee who suddenly breastfed a piglet she was holding.

The incident happened in San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima, Peru. A news reporter was interviewing local citizens who were recent victims of a calamity which hit the city.  

The news caster interviewed several citizens before she approached a lady holding a baby pig. The journalist asked her about the effect of the recent rain and flood in her farm. While answering the question, the lady did something unexpected.

She pulled up her shirt and exposed her boob then she started breastfeeding the baby animal in her hands. Her act stunned the people around her including the journalist. Because it was a live reporting, the awkward moment was broadcasted in the entire country on live.

Fortunately, the cameraman responded quickly as he was able to take the shot away from the lady. The stunned journalist did not let her statement be finished and decided to walk away from her.

There is no explanation as to why the lady did that on national television. However, bystanders and some online netizens thought that she may have been trying to explain the effects of the calamity to her farm and food production and so she used the breastfeeding piglet to demonstrate and explain her situation. 

Nonetheless, the lady still made such an unexpected and hilarious act.

Source: Elitereaders, VK


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