iPhone 7 Gold Digger Girl Denies Issue, But More Proofs Leak

How far can people really go to get the things they want?

Owning an iPhone nowadays seem to be the biggest fad among the more financially equipped. There is nothing wrong with having branded phone and in possessing expensive things. However, going through extreme measures just to buy the things we cannot afford is simply outrageous.

This is the very issue which caused Isiah Victoria to go viral after she offered s*x in exchange for the expensive mobile phone.

A post by one of the young lady’s victims exposed her on social media after it showed her photo along with screenshots of her conversation with a certain “Ferdhie” Luzviminda Panteleon. Still, Victoria denied the allegations, claiming it was all fake.

According to her, the photos that went viral were all edited.

However, netizens decide to meddle and dig deeper into the issue by finding more proof. It turns out that aside from the iPhone 7 incident, she had also done the same thing on other men before. 

EXPOSED: iPhone 7 Girl Denies Issue, But More Proofs Leak

EXPOSED: iPhone 7 Girl Denies Issue, But More Proofs Leak

Source: Ncatalyst, VK


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