‘iPhone Girl’ Goes Viral Once Again After Commenting on Police Man Post on Facebook

Netizen Isiah Victoria, infamously known as ‘iPhone Girl’ to the online community, went viral once again after a cop reacted to one of her posts.

Renzo Trias, dressed in his police uniform, also went viral online for his sweet and charming face that had girls swooning.

Apparently, Isiah Victoria is one of his biggest fans.

After Isiah posted about her interest in Renzo, he answers her with a sick burn that had the fire department scrambling.


Although Trias did not confirm on his official Facebook account whether he was really behind the hilarious comment, he shared screenshots of his alleged reaction on January 9.

He again commented on his own post, saying that, although he doesn’t own an iPhone 7, he had an older model iPhone 6.

Source: Facebook, VK


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