Is Ariana Grande a Member of the Illuminati Cult? Check out these Clues And You be the Judge Yourself!

But before we go to conclusions that she is a part of the Illuminati, let’s take a look at the clues and hints we’ve recently taken notice of. If you’re a fan of Ariana Grande and her music, check this out, for sure it’ll give you second thoughts about the young idol. Scattered are all the clues that signify her presumed membership of the Illuminati. Let’s examine it one by one. In her music video Break Free, you can see that there is a symbol used throughout the whole video which can be seen anywhere. The symbol is actually a close resemblance to the Sigil of Satan, a symbol used by modern Satanists used to aid in a visual invocation of the angel Lucifer. It’s a very subtle sign but once you notice it, it will leave you second guessing on what the actual symbol really means. Further, she said that she grew up with a Christian belief, but lost her way as she grew up and is now part of a Jewish Cult called Kabbalah. Again in her music video the symbol of the Kabbalah cult is seen from the devilish figure. And it can also be seen that Ari took the symbol away and uses it a key to activate the spaceship. Rings a bell to you? If not, check out her wrist, she can be seen wearing a red string which is the Kabbalah string in the entire video. It also seems that she is experiencing mysterious rumbles and noises happening inside her head which she herself can’t properly explain why she is feeling it. It also seems like in her music videos she is clearly asking for help in succumbing to the hands of the Illuminati. Other clues can be seen from the posted video that will further convince you to believe that the young star is a member of the sinister cult. It all goes down to how the clues and pieces connect together. Whether or not Ariana Grande is truly apart of the Illuminati is real or not, we think this will be a topic of debate for quite some time as long as Ariana is seen on the music industry.

Much debate has been raised and psychologists are coming to conclusions that the Illuminati has influenced Ariana, to the sense that they foresee her eventually turning into what Miley Cyrus has been. As of now it’s pretty hard to tell, but with all these clues pointing a sign in Ari’s membership of the cult, it seems likely that she is already apart of the Illuminati. But we’ll leave the rest of the speculation to you. So what do you think of the clues and hints pointed out in the video? Is Ariana Grande a member of the Illuminati? Or is this just all made up? Let us know and write your comments down below!

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