‘Iwas Dukot’ – Here are 5 Safety Tips

According to the latest record of the Philippine Statistics Authority on Crime and Delinquency, theft made up for as much as 14 percent of the total number of crimes reported in the year 2014. The long list also included murder, homicide, physical injury, rape, carnapping, and robbery.

And as the number continues to grow, the type of modus criminals use have also became more creative, making it easier for them to steal your things without you even realizing it.

In response to this growing threat, “Yes The Best Manila” shares 5 “Iwas Dukot” tips that we could all use. 

1. Refrain from putting any valuables in your back pocket

“Laglag Panyo Gang” is a new modus that thieves use with two conniving suspects. The first suspect will “accidentally” drop his handkerchief, making your back pocket open for stealing once you decide to help and pick it up. 

2. Keep your stuff close, keep a hold of your valuables if you can

Another common modus that thieves use is distracting you by asking directions. While you’re busy answering, a second thief will immediately grab your valuables.

3. Put on your bag strap if you can 

This is similar to the previous number, distraction is a thief’s preferred tool. Remember to keep an eye on your things and be watchful and alert as much as you can.

4. Place your bag in front of you when in crowded places

“Bukas Bag Gang” is a common modus used in crowded places like Divisoria, Baclaran and Recto. To prevent this, simply place your bag in front of you. It not only secures your valuables but it also sends a message thieves, telling them that you know what they’re up to and you are not going to be fooled.

5. Be careful when using ATM machines

When using an ATM machine, make sure to be on high alert and keep your card and password safe. Avoid getting distracted, and make sure no one sees your password.

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