Jie Paulino Finally Breaks His Silence and Share His Side Of The Story!

The feud between couple Zel Rosilio and Jie Paulino seemed to have become a public affair ever since the accusative tirade of allegedly battered and pregnant girlfriend Rosilio circulated on social media.

As soon as the post went viral, netizens quickly sided with her and expressed their outrage towards Paulino for hitting his girlfriend, not having a job to support his own family, asking for allowance from her, etc, as Rosilio claims.

And now Jie Paulino finally spoke up and shared his side of the story. Read his statement below:

In line with this, many accusations are now backfiring against Rosilio after people who claim to personally know them have reacted on the issue.

Another hits back by saying she is only doing it for fame.

Source: LackFeed, VK


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