Jim Paredes asked Duterte’s Wife to Declare Martial Law!

Jim Paredes has always been vocal about his political opinions. The artist-turned-teacher has been using the social media platform Twitter to post more about his thoughts.

Many have noticed more of his posts mainly because he is criticizing the administration under Duterte. He has been tweeting about it prior to the elections and it wasn’t such a big issue.

But many people have seen it even more recently because of the volume of his Anti-Duterte tweets.

His newest tweet is a fairly unique one compared to the rest because this is now addressed to President Rodrigo Duterte’s former wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Usually, he directly attacks Duterte or the people under him.

In his tweet, he asked ZImmerman to declare “MARITAL LAW” because the President needs restraining. He followed it with #NoToMartialLaw.

He may be attacking Duterte for being reported to have kissed other girls. Perhaps, he may just be referring to him generally that he should be restrained from doing extreme things and saying outrageous stuff.


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