Jobs That Will Definitely Attract Women

When you are trying to pick up a girl, there are a lot of things that are going to either help you, or hurt you. Of course good looks are important; girls like hot guys. Also, being in good shape doesn’t hurt. Girls also like guys that make them laugh, that listen to them, that they have things in common with, and that aren’t mean to them. All of that plays into how much a girl wants a guy.

And of course there is money and power as well. No matter what anyone says, a lot of women like a guy that is in control and can take care of them. Then there is another type of women that like the bad boys. They want a guy with a problem that they can try and change and take care of.

But no matter what kind of guy a girl likes, there are certain guys that have a better chance than the rest of us at meeting women and driving them crazy; and those are the guys with really cool jobs. No matter how cool you are, if you are working as a clerk in a shoe store you are going to have a hard time attracting women.

No matter what a woman says about how they don’t care about your job, what you do matters. For example, if you are broke and are an unsuccessful artist, she might still want you, because she sees your brilliance and potential. But if you are broke and unsuccessful as a guy that works in a coffee shop? Well, good luck.

Here are 10 Jobs That Will Attract Women

10. DJ


Spinning records. Producing your own beats – beats that get people on the dance floor. Being a disc jockey, aka DJ, is one cool job. Women love, and I mean love, the DJ. There is something just so inherently sexy about being that guy up there on stage at the club and making everyone dance, and making all of those bodies move. If you are a DJ, you might not make a lot of money, but it doesn’t really matter because the cool factor is off the charts. It’s not to say that all DJs are unsuccessful. Just look at the likes of Calvin Harris, Alesso, David Guetta, and Tiesto. These DJs are raking in serious cash to play clubs and concerts. There is pretty much no DJ alive that doesn’t have a lot of totally hot women around him all the time.

9. Bartender


The bartender never has a hard time meeting women. How could he? First of all, he is in charge of making drinks, and secondly, he is surrounded with women that have had a bit too much to drink. It is virtually a recipe for success as far as meeting women goes.

It also is one of the rare jobs out there where you can be a bad boy and still make good money. Indeed the location of the bar matters, in terms of guaranteeing great tips. You have to be in the right place; working at a trendy bar will all but guarantee success with the ladies, while working at the Holiday Inn probably is not going to cut it.


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