Joey De Leon Posts Another Intriguing Tweets That Angered Netizens!

Joey De Leon strikes another inappropriate tweet that angered the netizens.
On Saturday, the AlDub nation celebrated as the love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza gained the approval of Lola Nidora to their love story.
The event was held in the biggest indoor arena in the world, Philippine Arena with more than 55 thousand viewers.
Photo Credit: LionHearTV
Joey de Leon’s tweet was pertaining to an incident that happened on Saturday whereas the families of a dead person decided not to continue the burial of their loved because of the fear that no one might attend the funeral services because they were busy watching AlDub’s Tamang Panahon.
Photo Credit: LionHearTV
But not all people were happy with Joey’s tweets. People claim that he is becoming more arrogant as the fame of AlDub rises.


Source : trendingnewsportal


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