Joey De Leon Was Criticized By Netizens Because Of His ‘Heneral Luna’ Tweets!

They say that people have the freedom to express their thoughts online since we are living in a free country.
But sometimes, these posts will only lead to a more complicated matter because not all people could get the humor or some people claim that some posts were insensitive.
Photo Credit: LionHearTv
Joey De Leon is one of the most renowned personalities online because of his wisdom and his thoughts that he shares through his tweets.
But not all his tweets are good said the netizens. Recently, he claims in his twitter post that the movie ofHeneral Luna could have been better if Alden and Yaya Dub has a cameo role as Jose Rizal and Sisa.
This made the netizens go furious about the tweet. They claim that it is very inappropriate. They even mention that the movie was good not because of the cast, but because of the storyline.



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