Just Because Of Parking Space, Father And Son Got Shot By Security Guard In Cebu

A father and son were shot by a security guard at F. Ramos Street, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Cebu on Thursday.

Initial investigations state that Jonathan Sanchez, a security guard working at the victim’s law office gunned down Atty. Gerik Paderanga and his son after an argument with the parking.

According to a witness, Sanchez asked the Attorney to move his car which was parked in front of the law office in order to make way for the construction mixer. Moments later, the witness heard gunshots after Sanchez approached Atty. Paderanga.

Atty. Goering Paderanga, the son of Paderanga, immediately went outside the law office when he heard the gunshots but the suspect also shot him.

Both were immediately rushed to the hospital however, Atty. Gerik was declared dead while his son was in critical condition as gunshot wounds were found in his head.

An investigation was launched to look into whether the Paderangas were involved in any altercations before the incident took place. 

Father And Son Got Shot By Security Guard In Cebu Just Because Of Parking Space!

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


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