Kaneki Ken – Tokyo Ghoul V.S Shinichi – Migi – Parasyte who will win??

Kaneki Vs Izumi Migi parasyte Tokyo Ghoul
Izumi Shinchi Vs Kaneki Ken

This would be a battle of the ages. A Ghoul VS a parasite human duo. We’ll be going over both of their strengths and weaknesses and eventually determine which is the superior species!



Shinichi and Migi are two entities in one body. Shinichi is a human host carrying a parasite known as Migi in his right arm. Shinichi himself has been given super human abilities from Migi sharing his cells with him to save his life. He has the strength to shatter bones, break through concrete, and even pull out anothers heart with one hand. He can jump 20+feet into the air and has enhanced reflexes, durability, and speed.


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