Kidnapping in Antipolo Went Viral Online! Why? Read this!

This was the plea of two netizens who shared a horrible experience in their Facebook page and went extremely viral.

One of them is identified as Hannah Mae Joves Taronga who posted a warning to everyone and saying that two women were kidnapped by a van at Antipolo Shopwise. She also noted that the two guys were well-dressed making it difficult for people to recognize their motives. However, it was unclear if she personally witnessed the incident or she heard it from a friend.



Another post went viral which was hugely similar to what Taronga posted. Shania Marie Gonzales shared in her Facebook page how she was abducted by a van at the area of Antipolo last September 11. She shared in detailed how two men from the van forced her to get in. Read her full post below:


However, some reinforces that the story of Gonzales might be hoax as no police got involved which should be a protocol of any kidnapped victim. According to some netizens, Gonzales didn’t even show a slightest of traumatic reaction which should have been manifesting after an abduction.

Source: VK, Facebook


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