‘Kung may mangyari sa’kin, sino ang number one suspect? ‘Di ba siya?’ – De Lima Accuses Duterte

The rivalry between President Duterte and Senator De Lima is far from over–in fact, it just seems to get more heated by the day. 

According to GMA News, De Lima said that the President should be considered the “the number one suspect” if ever something bad happens to her. Last Monday, Duterte stated that he will have narcopoliticians killed while also mentioning the Senator

The senator retorted, saying “Kung may mangyari sa’kin, sino ang number one suspect? ‘Di ba siya? And I’m making him responsible if something happens to me.” 

“If something happens to me, he is the one responsible, directly or indirectly dahil paulit-ulit nila akong dini-demonize,” she continued. 

Duterte did a speech in Malacañang when the oath-taking of the newly-appointed government officials took place. 

He said, “Magtanong ka ng isang pulis dito kung may sinabi ako na patayin mo ‘yang si De Lima o patayin mo ‘yang si ano. I never ordered. Ang sinabi ko lang… Remember that I declared war. I did not declare any just police punitive action. No, no, far from it.” 

According to De Lima, she continues to receive threats from her haters and “trolls” in her personal mobile number which was exposed during the Congressional probe on the Bilibid drug trade

Source: GMA, VK


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