Leila De Lima named as Traitor of the Philippines!

Leila de Lima has crossed the line. By asking the International Criminal Court to intervene in the Philippines domestic affairs, she has betrayed the Filipino people for the sake of her ambition and political survival.


De Lima’s traitorous act came to light after Sass Sasot shared the news that Aryeh Neier, President Emeritus of the Open Society Foundations and a founder of Human Rights Watch, wrote a critical article about President Rodrigo Duterte that ended with this warning:

One prominent Philippine political figure, Leila de Lima, a senator and former justice minister, is already calling on the ICC to take action. Everyone around the world who is committed to due process and human rights should take up her plea. The fact that a popular head of state is trampling the rule of law in the Philippines makes a fast, decisive response all the more necessary.

Any move by a foreign power or body to remove Duterte, who was legitimately voted in by the people and enjoys a very high trust rating, is a clear violation of the sovereignty of the Philppines. And the fact that a Filipino citizen, a sitting senator no less, would ask – even beg – for this kind of intervention is treason of the highest kind.

The question is, what will the senate do about this? Will Koko Pimentel sit silent again while the ally of his allies continue to spit on the will of the people? I hope he finally has the guts to do as his father did during the impeachment trial of Estrada – forget political expediency and stand with the people.


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