Look At This! Chinese Tourists Made Korean Airport A Dump!

An airport in Jeju, Korea was left looking like a dump after the presence of undisciplined Chinese tourists who thought they could do just about anything they wanted.

According to SCMP Jeju newspaper Jemin Ilbo, the gates for international flights on the third floor of the Jeju International Airport was swamped with rubbish. The massive amount of garbage found was said to be plastic bags from duty free goods bought by the tourists.

Despite being given garbage bags each and told not to litter by both cleaners and people from the duty free shop, the tourists did not listen.

Now, the Korea Airports Corporation in Jeju have assigned more cleaners at the gate from two to three. They have also imposed fines for littering to avoid the same incident from happening again.

“We will keep reinforcing the sanitation team at the gates for international flights,” said an official from the airport. 

“Even though there is still lots of rubbish left after they departed, fewer of them are dumping it on the floor after we’ve taken action.”

“Those who keep throwing waste on the floor might face fines as a penalty in the future.”

According to other news, Chinese tourists are infamous for their outrageous behavior. On earlier news, a group of Chinese tourists snatched baby sea urchins from its home and crushed it with rocks. 

Chinese Tourists Made Korean Airport A Rubbish Dump! Look At This!

Source: Worldofbuzz, VK


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