Look like a Serious Interview But suddenly the Door Opens and Someone Unexpected Enters!

Unexpected things can happen during live interviews. Case in point – this particular viral video featuring a university professor and his infant son.

Professor Robert Kelly of Pusan National University is a political science expert at East Asia international relations. 

BBC News conducted a Skype interview with Prof. Kelly to get his insights about the recent impeachment of South Korea’s president, Park Geunhye

It was a very serious interview as political matter were being discussed. However, something unexpected happened which made the interview go viral.

In the middle of Kelly’s discussion with the BBC news anchor, his toddler suddenly entered the room where the interview was being conducted. Shortly after the unexpected interruption, his other child took the scene as well. 

It was quite evident that Prof. Kelly was struggling to maintain his focus as he repeatedly apologized to the viewers. 

Moments later, his wife came in to try and save the day. She swiftly entered the room and grabbed their children while Kelly tried to redeem himself. Kelly’s wife moved like a ninja, closing the door rapidly behind her.

Watch the video here:

Source: Facebook, VK


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