Look: This How Manilenyos React on Peace and Order in the Streets of Manila

President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war campaign as promised during his candidacy started after he assumed the Presidential seat. And, it us now producing a domino-like effect on the streets of Manila.

Instilling fear on Filipinos has been Duterte’s style of leadership which totally sets the 16th President apart from all the others. He seems to have the ability to move people to support his causes and go out of their way to back him. Perhaps it is because people see that he came to his job prepared, with a clear understanding of the country’s major problems and a vision of how to get things done.

The Duterte Effect’s promised that crime rates fall amid war drugs in the Philippines. There are already 7,000 drug dealers who have been killed since Duterte was elected. Due to his fame as being the Punisher and his implemented policies, it has turned the streets of Manila into an almost-ghost town. Some ofthe policies that has be mandated in the streets are curfew.

A video has been circulating around the social media over the weekend documents some of the feature news clips that highlights the effect of Duterte’s administration among the streets of Manila.


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