Look: This Thief Caught on Act stealing smartphone in a mall

A video of a sneaky thief stealing a smartphone inside a mall has gone viral, with the online community outraged by the actions of the Filipino criminal

The video shows a man in a red shirt and a cap calmly reaching into the bag of an unsuspecting woman inside a mall.

Some netizens suspect the woman with short hair nearby to be an accomplice since she seems to be watching the crime in progress.

However, many netizens were angry with the person who took the video because he or she did not inform the victim about the crime being committed.

“Since alam nung nag vivideo na may gagawing kalokohan ung kumuha ng CP, sana una plang nag warning na siya dun sa kinuhanan hindi na siya naawa parehas lang cla nung kumuha ng CP,” a netizen said.


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