Look Willie Revillame’s Multi-Million in Tagaytay Midlands! You Have To See This!

Willie Revillame’s rise from rags to riches is a story that a lot of Filipinos know about regard as inspirational even!

The singer, producer, TV show host, and former actor who just turned 54 years old this year, has amassed an impressive amount of property which includes a production company with its own TV studio, a 34-seater private airplane, a 94-foot luxury yacht, a top-of-the-line car collection, and major real-estate properties in upscale subdivisions.

In the August 2015 issue of YES! Magazine, Revillame was kind enough to let the team to take a tour of his house and showcase the luxurious interiors, and expensive furniture.

The house was referred to as such is because it stands on the third lot that the comedian bought in the same subdivision. The minimum size of a lot in Tagaytay Midlands measures at least 750 square meters, costing as much as P30 million per lot.


Source: PEPVK


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