Lorna Tolentino raises concerns on how Mark Anthony treated by the Police.

Actress Lorna Tolentino, the wife of the late actor Rudy Fernandez, has consulted her legal team over the case of his stepson Mark Anthony Fernandez; raising concerns on how the actor, who was arrested for illegal possession of marijuana, is being treated by the authorities.

In an article posted on ABS-CBN News, Tolentino argued that the human rights of the former matinee idol may have been violated when he was presented to the media without a lawyer present.

Mark Anthony, the son of Rudy and actress-turned-politician Alma Moreno, was arrested recently in Pampanga; wherein a kilo of marijuana was allegedly found on the passenger seat of his vehicle. During interviews, the actor denied carrying marijuana and said he has no idea where it came from. He said he was just about to buy some, which he uses to protect himself from cancer, when he was caught.


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