Luis Manzano Suffers a Terrible Injury That Left Him Confined to a Wheelchair. See What Happened to Him Here!

  • Luis Manzano was recently involved in an accident, injuring his foot.
  • This injury confined him to a wheelchair.
  • See how he’s doing here!

Minute To Win It host Luis Manzano is popular with his fans for his lively and energetic character. Ever since the beginning of his showbiz career, he has been known to be a jolly guy to his fans and loved ones. Even his co-stars agree that Luis is a very happy-go-lucky person. Because of his positive attitude, he has even done several comedy movies with other big names in the industry.

Recently, though, the cheerful actor was involved in an accident which confined him to a wheelchair.

On Thursday afternoon, Luis posted a set of photos of himself on Instagram. In two of the photos, the host can be seen sitting in a wheelchair with his foot in a cast.


In the other 2 photos, Luis was seen standing but had to use crutches since his foot was still injured.


According to Luis, his injury isn’t that serious. He said on his Instagram post that a misstep caused the sprain on his right foot.

“So yes, I have a fractured foot with quite a long healing time ahead of me with different casts plus chance that surgery might be needed,” he said in the caption of his Instagram post.


Luis even posted a close-up shot of his injured foot. He captioned it with

“Hello Sprain, mo-ka!!! (gusto ko sanang sabihin na sprain ako dahil may mga tinulungan ako sa nasusunog na building, kaso ang totoo, namali lang ako ng tapak mula sa mataas ng sidewalk…shet)”

Despite the injuries, Luis still managed to smile in all of his photos. He even joked to his fans by saying “Wag kayong mag-alala, hindi naapektuhan [‘yung] kagwapuhan ko,” just to assure them that he’s far from any grievous harm.

According to him, he might be out for some time and would also probably need surgery.

Are you just like Luis Manzano and can still smile despite getting injured? What do you do in this kind of situation? Let us know in the comments section below!


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