Man Caught Hitting His Girlfriend Inside The Bus! This Terrible!

Many people are opting not to report it because they are terrified of what would transpire next.

Now, the convivial media sites are availing in a positive way of publicly shaming those people who are doing these kinds of act towards others.

A video was uploaded by Jameson Ramirez showing how a man continuously hits his partner. He was constantly giving out blows to her. The man was even spotted grabbing the hair of the woman as if they are not in a public place.

The couple were seen inside the bus where there are lots of people. However, not a single one of them reached out and prevented what was happening.

According to the caption of the video, the man even bumped the head of the woman to the pole as they were already getting off the bus.

This footage immediately enraged the social media users claiming that no one deserves to be treated that way. They are encouraging the woman to stand up for herself and leave the man who lays his hands on her.

Source : facebook


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