Man In China Is Addicted To Eating Women’s Poop

A news report has surfaced from China, which alleges a man often tiptoes into women’s toilet to eat poop.

The report stated that the Guangdong man was caught coming out from the toilet after taking part in his terribly unpleasant behavior. It also said he had done it for 8 years.

“According to a security guard at the shopping mall, the man has been seen going to the toilets since early this year.

The guard also said that the man walks in on women before they are able to complete flushing the restroom”.

The source alleges a local female dweller said that reports of the man roaming into public toilets have left her feeling extremely nervous, particularly since he has been spotted lying in wait in another female restroom close by.

A medic from the No.3 Hospital of Jiangmen said that it is very likely that the man has a history of insanity.


The women’s restrooms at the shopping plaza have been shut, and residents are currently calling on the authorities to help look for treatment for the man.

A reporter challenged the man, who says he eats poop when he is starving, always feels good after eating it, and has been doing that for 8 years.

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