‘Manyak kaya ako!’ Ann B. Mateo Did This as Shehyee !

Ann B. Mateo and her boyfriend Sheyhee were recently in the center of a series of controversial stories. 

Shehyee’s FlipTop rap battle against fellow emcee Sinio became viral due to Sinio’s unflattering remarks about Ann. This led to Ann’s mom threatening to sue Sinio over the offensive remarks he made about her daughter. 

Ann was painted as being “promiscuous”, which led to a lot of online backlash against her sensuality.

Instead of focusing on the negativity, Ann is busy cozying it up with Shehyee. A viral video uploaded to YouTube shows the couple being extremely sweet with each other. 

In the footage, viewers can see Shehyee talking. He began with, “Hanggang d’on ka lang sa pisngi. Pakita mo nga sa pisngi.” 

“Halika dito. Ipapakita natin na hanggang d’on lang talaga.” He gestured to his girlfriend Ann to come over to his side. 

Sheyhee then leaned in to kiss Ann on the cheek. However, Ann suddenly kissed him on the lips instead. She laughed and said, “Manyak kaya ako!”

Ann laughed with him and leaned forward to the camera but Shehyee immediately remarked, “Uy baby, ‘yung cleavage mo, baka sabihin nila ano eh…”

He positioned her in a different angle so that the viewers were unable to see her exposed cleavage. The video showed just how protective Shehyee was towards Ann. 

Ann has attested that Shehyee is usually a sweet guy. She even shared an exchange of text messages with him that occurred in 2013, showing just how devoted he is to her. 

Check out this screen cap she posted on her Twitter account

'Manyak kaya ako!' Ann B. Mateo Did This as Shehyee Tried to Kiss Her on the Cheek!

Despite the controversies that they have faced, they are still staying strong together. It just goes to show how these two clearly define #RelationshipGoals! 

Source: Youtube, VK


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