Marlou is Looking For A Girlfriend For Valentines’ Day!

Former Hasht5 member Marlou Arizala is sending fans abuzz again with his latest video. The self-proclaimed social media artist just announced that he is in need of a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

In a video released by Marlou himself on his official Facebook page, he said that he wanted the viewer to be his “girlfriend.” He also said that he’s searching for someone “great” who wants to be his partner.

“Can you please tag her right now?” he pleaded, placing a hand over his heart. “No boobs, no sex,” he continued. “Tag your friend!” and then ended the video with a flying kiss. 

Marlou was once a Hasht5 member with CJ, Vincent, and Jhimwell. According to ABS-CBN News, he and Vincent were former church choir members who formed the singing and dancing boy group that, at one point, went viral. 

However, Marlou decided to leave the group after citing that he was receiving “numerous” offers for a solo career. Meanwhile, Hasht5 has since made appearances on the Sunday variety show ‘ASAP’ and in ‘Gandang Gabi Vice.’ 

Watch Marlou’s video here: 

Source:Facebook, VK


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