‘Mga Pulis Na Pasaway Dapat Patayin’ – Mayor Richard Gomez To Misbehaving Police Officer

Last October 16, 2016, Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez made a bold remark on his Facebook account.

He said on his post that faulty police officers who implicate innocent people who do not have anything to do with illegal drugs should be executed.

“In our fight against illegal drugs, what do we do when the police themselves are the ones making up stories and implicating the people not involved in the trade to muddle the whole situation? These police crooks should be killed! They should be killed! Let’s begin from our neighboring town! Pls take the lead Mr. President!!!” Gomez claimed in his post.


Mayor Richard Gomez To Misbehaving Police Officers: 'They Should Be Killed'

Source:  Facebook,VK


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