Millions of Netizens are watching this Thai Model Cook—but They Are Not Here for The Food!

Videos of different recipes have become viral in the last few years especially when many people want to learn how to cook the easy way. With the availability of these videos, more and more netizens are watching hoping to learn a thing or two. However, this video of a Thai model cooking spicy somtam has caught the attention of a whopping 9 million Facebook users—and trust me—they are not here for the food!

Thai models are known to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Their oriental beauty makes them more attractive—then add their to-die-for bodies—making men fall for them easily.

Thai food is also one of the country’s top reasons why tourists go to Thailand. Their spicy and sweet food will make you come back for more.

Now add those two (beautiful models and good food), and you’ll definitely make a hit! This Thai model recorded herself cooking spicy somtam and posted it to her timeline. Unfortunately, many netizens were not interested in the chillies she was grinding, but at her big, voluptuous breasts.

One netizen said: “Your boobs are very beautiful, honestly.”

Another netizen said: “I want my fake boobs to turn out this beautiful. I don’t know if she had a boob job, but they look nice.”

To which the model kindly replied: “Yes, I’ve had a boob job.”

Posted by Narumon Yasachai on Saturday, April 29, 2017


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