Mistress Fainted While Being Beaten By The Legal Wife!

Whenever we hear stories of cheating, we often feel the sympathy for the person who gets cheated on. Often time we tend to get a little curious over the confrontations of wife and the mistresses.
Videos about infidelities are quickly gaining the response of the people over the social media sites.
In this video, a mistress was caught on camera as she was being beaten by the legal wife of her partner in the crowd of a market in Bulacan.
The wife continuously slapped and pulled the hair of the mistress even when she is already lying on the ground.
The husband was constantly trying to comfort the mistress because he knew that his mistress was already in pain because of the beating that she got from the wife.
Some of the bystanders were kind enough to meddle in between the fight. But the wife was determined not to let go of her. She claims that this is what she deserves for being a mistress.
Towards the end of the video, the mistress collapsed and fainted because the pain that she got from the fight with the wife.
The video rapidly went viral over the social media sites.

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