MMA Fighter Dancing in the Middle of The Fight but What Happen next is Unexpected!

Different athletes have their own strategies to mess up with their opponents. Typically, athletes would assess the weakness of their opponents in their skills. They would try to identify the weak spot of their athletes and that is where they will begin to build up their own way to claim victory.

However, there are others who would resort to testing their opponent’s focus. They will try to tease and taunt them until they lose their temper. When this happens, their opponents will definitely lose their focus and it will greatly affect their performance.

This is what mixed martial arts (MMA) amateur UK fighter Joe Nitro” Harding tried to do when he faced off against another amateur French fighter Johan “The Silencer” Segas. However, Harding did not expect the tables to turn.

During the 18th installment of British Challenge MMA held at the Colchester Charter Hall in Colchester, Essex, England, Harding did not expect that his behavior in the middle of the fight would affect the result of the match for him.

While fighting for the last round for an interim featherweight title, Harding did some crazy dance moves to mess up with Segas’ temper. He tried to tease his opponent by doing hilarious dance moves inside the octagon ring. However, instead of losing his focus, Segas used this moment to brutally defeat Harding into a knockout! 

Harding and the audience did not expect that Segas would be able to give him a flying kick hitting his neck. After Segas’ brutal assault, Harding failed to stand up again, declaring Segas the victor of the match.

Their MMA match went immediately viral online as netizens mocked Harding for trying to showboat while inside the fight. Sport analysts strictly advise athletes not to do that kind of behavior while inside a match as it would affect their own focus as well. After all, focus is a central key in any activity may it be sports-related or not.

Meanwhile, netizens’ mocking of Harding did not end there as the MMA fighter spread bitterness of defeat on his social media account. He received flak after accusing Segas of “cheating” him in that particular match as he claimed that Segas was under steroids. However, netizens claim that his sentiments just proved his “stupidity” as a pre-fight medical exam showed that Segas is not taking any prohibited drugs.

MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out After Dancing In The Middle Of The Fight!

Source: Elitereaders, VK


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