Mom Saw this When She Opened Her Children’s Chuckie Box! Disgusting!

Nestle is back at it again with their live (not micro) orgranisms inside their drink! Ever wondered what a chocolate drink with live worms tastes like? Well, let Chuckie chocolate drink give you the full experience!

Recently, a post surfaced around the social media showing what Chuckie’s secret recipe is. Mai Kawaii, a mother of 2, was simply enjoying the drink for snacks, until one of her child complained because of it’s “awful” taste and smell. Worried, the mother grabbed the drink away from her child and tasted it herself.

Curious, the mother opened the box and voila!

The video shows a live worm inside of her child’s drink. Yikes! Is this the secret behind the creaminess of your drink, Nestle? 

Mai sent out this video as a warning to all of the brand’s consumers. This is not the first time that a video like this surfaced on the social media.

Source: Facebook, VK


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