Mother Warns Netizens for Drinking C2. Must Read!

Facebook user Claire Ginn’s post on the said social media site has been re-posted with more than 6,000 shares. Her post serves as a warning to other parents about the popular tea drink, C2.

mother-warns-netizens-about-drink_thumb (1)

Apparently, her children loved the drink so much that they’d drink C2 at home, and even bring some to school. She didn’t expect any ill effects from the drink, knowing that tea is actually good for your body.



Some people tend to forget to drink water from time to time, as it is replaced by coffee and carbonated drinks. With this, our bodies are not getting enough hydration they need, which may later lead to health complications. The best thing to do as a parent is always give your children water to drink, instead of replacing it with juice or carbonated drinks.

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