Must Read! “ President was reacting to being compared to Hitler.” Dr. Antonio Contreras

“In fairness to President Duterte, it was not he who made the comparison to Hitler. He was merely reacting to being compared to Hitler,” Dr. Antonio Contreras writes on Facebook.

In the video report of GMA News, Cedric Castillo pointed out that President Duterte did not like the comparison to Adolf Hitler. However, he was playing along with his critics faulty analogy.

Hitler massacred 3 million Jews. There are 3 million drug addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them. At least of Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have, you know…(alluding to himself).

The above Duterte statement angered Jewish groups who got wind of the rhetoric. Thanks to the local media who wants to embarrass the President every chance they can get.

Popular blogger Sass Rogando Sasot laments that it was not Duterte, who started the Hitler comparison, but his critics during the election campaign period.

During the campaign period, I have had countless arguments with anti-Duterte forces who were calling Duterte Hitler. Now, I’m having an argument against them that Duterte is simply playing along with their faulty analogy.

Meanwhile, a netizen pointed out that it was former President Aquino, who first made the analogy during the election campaign period.

I hope we learn the lessons of history. We should remember how Hitler came to power.

De La Salle political science professor Dr. Antonio Contreras further adds that the “logic of Duterte’s argument is one that is not celebratory of Hitler, but one where he differentiates himself from the Nazi dictator.”

Okay. After watching the controversial press conference as reported by Cedric Castillo of GMA 7, now I finally was able to decode the President’s state of mind and the resulting speech that came out of it.

The short of it.

He resented being compared to Hitler by his critics.
Hitler killed 3 million Jews.

He can also be like Hitler and kill 3 million criminals.
But at least he will be killing criminals.

I am not defending the President. I think it was still inappropriate for him to use Hitler as a reference. However, the logic of his argument is one that is not celebratory of Hitler, but one where he differentiates himself from the Nazi dictator.

His verdict? Duterte is at the mercy of spin doctors in the media disguised as journalists.

Ah. Spins and prejudice, these are what make things worse.

Facebook user Julius Espina agrees:

They disrespected him first. he got insulted and pissed for being compared to hitler. he even called them for saying such things without even investigating first. they all just rely on media reports,not official was response to their hypocrisy. they violated diplomatic protocols.


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