My son’s never been involved in illegal drugs; if your police can kill, so am I – Grieving ex-cop to Duterte

A grieving father, who happens to be an ex-cop, wrote a short open letter which was was addressed to President Rodrigo Duterte; asking the latter to help them find justice and go to his son’s death, or he will be the one to kill them.

“I’m addressing to you, Mr. Rodrigo Duterte; My youngest son was shot in the head by rinding in tandem men wearing bonnets at around 12 midnight Oct. 29 2016. He died instantly with a single bullet in the head,” father Alfredo Jubulan said on Facebook.

He also said his son, Yani, a student from Our Lady of Fatima University, has never been involved in any illegal drug habit before.

“He has never been involved in any illegal drug habit more so in pedling drugs what so ever. I’m well aware of this because as a retired policeman, I am very strict with my children having them or just one of them to be involved in this kind of malpractice. And it was my former job when I was still in the active service to arrest those involve in drug activities,” he said.

“My point is, if I will know that one of your policemen has the hand for the cause of the death of my son, God forbids, I will let heaven and earth befall upon him. I know you don’t tolerate this but let me be very very frank, if they know how to kill people, so am I. This goes to you too Gen. Dela Rosa Sir. I’m begging you Help me solve the unnecessary death of my son PLEASE or I will be the one to do it without your help,” he stated.



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