Mysterious Old Lady Warned People Before The Davao Bombing Happened! Read FULL Story!

A few people who were able to survive the tragic explosion in Davao City has now been posting on various social media sites about this mysterious old woman in black who came to the Night Market on Friday night to ask for alms from the shopper.

Netizens Karl Louis Aguado, Iannie Marie Lopoz, Rexcel Anne Llesis and Kimberly Salmeo all shared the same story of encountering the said woman.

Although no confirmation have been made with regards to the legitimacy of the statements, authorities believe that if it was true then the woman would be of great help in the investigation.


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They claim that the old woman approached them asking alms or her sick child but later on, the old woman told them to go home because an earthquake will occur soon.

There had been no confirmations yet of this story is legit because if it is, then this old woman would really be a great help in the investigations.


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